Carly Fuller

Carly Fuller

- I was born and raised on the Chesapeake Bay
- My BFA in Photography is from University of the Arts
- I’ve lived in Annapolis, Tampa, Philadelphia + Boston
- I am opening up a new studio
- I absolutely love my wide angle lens
- I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II
- I have recorded over 12 of my own songs
- “Tiny Dancer” By Elton John is my theme song
- I am over the hill for any Damask design
- My favorite flower is the orchid
- I love the sound of water hitting the shore
- Traveling makes me full of life


Dip Me - Photography by Carly Fuller

When it comes to dancing, a dip is one of the most intimate moves you can make.

It says, “I trust you.”

It says, “I’ll protect you.”

It says, “Thank you for always supporting me.”

It says, “We’re in this together and I’ll never let you go.”

But a dip is also about having fun.

It’s about letting loose and taking chances.

You’re in this one together and you may as well enjoy it.

Dip me.

Talented photographer Carly Fuller of Baltimore, Maryland, had the amazing opportunity to photograph Jack + Caitlin’s wedding at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. And while there are many beautiful dancing photos from the reception, I found myself gazing at the photo of Jack dipping Caitlin on the dance floor. Jack is holding Caitlin’s hand tightly, with his other hand firmly placed on her back. Caitlin has her hand loosely placed on his arm, trusting that Jack won’t let her go. She lets her head fall back and knows Jack will keep her safe.

Marriage is often like a dip. You must trust one another and remain certain that you will never let each other fall. Because you’re a team, you take chances together and let yourselves go, knowing all along that you have each others’ support. Caitlin + Jack will forever have each others backs, dipping down and up throughout life.

I love the photos of Jack waiting for Caitlin at the altar and Caitlin walking down the aisle with a huge smile plastered to her face. I love that all of Caitlin + Jack’s friends and family look so genuinely happy for them. But most of all, I love the photo of Jack dipping Caitlin. Because no other words are quite so full of love as are the simple, “dip me.”

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