A Man Who Can Make You Laugh

Isn’t it true that all girls say they want a man with a good sense of humor? But what we really mean is that we want a man who can make us laugh. A man who can take our tears and turn them into smiles. Who can take a gloomy day and make everything right again. What we really mean is a man who can make us feel truly at home.

Lucky bride Gabrielle found that amazing sense of humor in her groom Brad. She found the man who could always make her laugh, in any situation. While shooting the couples’ wedding, incredibly talented photographer Maria Mack of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, recognized Brad’s knack for eliciting laughter right away. She says she herself spent most of the shoot unable to stop laughing.

But as you can see from the beautifully touching images, Brad has a serious side to him, too. While Gabrielle is laughing or near laughing in many of the photos, there are also plenty of serious-looking photos. Yes, it’s clear that Brad brought the party with him to the wedding reception by showing off his smooth moves and getting everyone up on the dance floor. And of course, Gabrielle is in stitches in many of the photos. But my favorite photos are the ones where she simply looks truly content with her new husband.

Laughter in a relationship doesn’t always mean joking and being silly. It’s also a form of bonding and the expressing of pure emotion. And often that emotion is love. In fact, Maria says one of the best moments of the day was when Brad let out nervous laughter during the wedding ceremony.

Gabrielle is incredibly lucky that she found the man who can make her laugh. But she’s even luckier that Brad makes her feel truly happy and at home.


Brilliant! Totally awesome photography!

Absolutely dynamic images! Clean, sharp, and emotional photography. Love this wedding from start to finish!


OMG, these are breathtaking. I love the image of the bride with the horse! She’s a beautiful bride and her dress is just lovely.


Love the decor, love the getting ready shots, love the dancing/party pics – LOVE it all!!!!!!

Brenda Fuller

Such incredibly wonderful photos. LOVE the flowers, so natural and unique!


Photographer has beautifully captured each emotion in pics. Nice looking couple.


Wow. I’m speechless. These are absolutely fantastic images!! The bride is stunning + her dress is simply elegant!

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