Can I Just Make Her My Wife Already?

Do you ever feel like you know a couple just from looking at their wedding photos? As if they could practically be your best friends? That’s how I felt after viewing these pictures of Angela + Chris. So, I totally get how fabulous photographer David Coleman of Springfield, Missouri, felt such a connection with the pair. He photographed them like you would photograph friends you’ve known forever, catching their sweet expressions and subtle glances at each other. Yes, he photographed them like he was their best friend, who just happens to also be a really, really amazing photographer.

David Coleman gives us the opportunity to see the wedding from start to finish and my favorite photo is actually before the couple has even had their first look at each other. Chris is sitting on a bed in the hotel room and looking at his watch, like he’s thinking, “Alright, can I just make Angela my wife already?” It’s adorable and makes the rest of the photos in the series that much more touching. The couple gets to enjoy their “first look” behind closed doors, where Chris pulls out his guitar and plays Angela her favorite song. It’s a private moment and one that David Coleman photographs without making us feel at all like we’re intruding.

The bride, a classically trained ballerina, is simple but stunning in her ballerina-like dress made from lace and crepe. And the black and white wedding theme gives their wedding space at the Airport Hilton in St. Louis, a timeless and classic look. Timeless and classic just like Chris + Angela’s love.

The wedding reception looks far more fun than most, with a traditional Italian cookie dance and a game involving toilet paper. Yes, Angela + Chris played a game in which they had to remove toilet paper from a roll as fast as they could in the middle of the dance floor. Whoever finished first was said to be “in charge” of the marriage. Chris finished first, but everyone was laughing because it’s Angela who makes the calls in the relationship.

But even if Angela runs the show, it’s pretty clear that this marriage is made up of team work, friendship, and love. And we’re so happy we were given the chance to peek at their special day.


  • Jenni

    What great shots! I really did feel like I was looking through pictures of a family friend. The emotions and attitude that were captured made me feel like I knew exactly how they both felt. It made me remember to have fun. And that’s just how I want my wedding to feel. I LOVE that they incorporated games and laughter, and the photo booth style shots were great! I’ll be stealing some of these ideas for sure!ReplyCancel

  • Mirranda

    These are so beautiful! The vintage processing really seems to suit this couple. I agree with you, the photo of him looking at his watch really adds to the feel of the rest of the set. I also really like the photo of him standing against the wall looking off to the side. You can almost feel the anticipation!ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful writeup Shelley!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Nelson

    Love everything, excellent photos!! The bride’s dress is so divine and very unique, love her earrings too – her look has a timeless elegance. Love the photo of the couple leaning against the door – cool angle.ReplyCancel

  • Lynne

    Wow, incredible photos!!! Love the feel of this wedding! This couple is so sweet :) and the toilet paper game is hilarious, never seen that before!ReplyCancel

  • Gloria Lopez

    These are incredible!! The love between this sweet young couple was so perfectly captured. I too love the image of the groom and his groomsmen in the hotel room – that photo speaks volumes! Another favorite is the shot of the bride dancing with her father, looks like it was snatched right out of an old photo album – LOVE IT!ReplyCancel

  • erick

    These are amazing. Unique angles, nice candid shots – well done!!ReplyCancel

  • Absolutely lovely. I love the feel of these photos. Great focus and contrast. Adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Angel

    The black and white images are amazing!!! The vintage processing gives the photos a timeless appeal. Very creative. The purple shoes add the perfect punch of color!!ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous wedding! Well done!ReplyCancel

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