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Todd + Eiman… Engaged.


I quickly glanced to the left. And then right. No one’s watching. Ok. Back to the computer screen. I scrolled through the images, quickly at first – afraid someone would walk in and catch me sneaking a peak into this seductive, alluring, evocative engagement session (honestly, there isn’t enough adjectives in the world to describe […]

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Love in a Blueberry Field


Some things are just meant to be. Like Zena + Brandon’s love for each other. It’s easy to see their unique style and laid-back Southern charm is mutual, making them appear absolutely perfect for one another. Oh, and their engagement shoot was clearly meant for The Blueberry Wedding Blog. Photographer Michelle Castle of Destin, Florida, spent […]

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Toes on the Nose


Sometimes in life, you take a chance. You put your heart and your faith in someone else’s hands. You trust they will be there, to catch you when you fall and help you get right back up on that horse, or surfboard as it may be. And sometimes, when you’re really, REALLY lucky, you find […]

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For all you love struck couples

This adorably sweet engagement shoot was captured by the one and only, Anna Jones out of Ottawa, Ontario. It happened to be quite overcast and the snow had completely blanketed the ground, the trees and everything else in site that day. So this creative couple, Matt + Alexandra, showed up at the Stonebridge Golf Course, […]

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This is How You Do It


Nothing makes me happier than an engagement session done right. “Well, what’s right?” you may ask. First of all, it’s personal. You pick a location, a special spot, a particular time of year or date that’s meaningful to you! Secondly, you find a photographer who understands the two of you and can capture your unique […]

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