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Transported to the Heart of Spain


Some say flowers make a wedding. And in this case, I agree. Of course, you could also argue that a churros bar makes a wedding and in this case, I couldn’t argue with you on that either. Photographer Christine Bentley of Orange County, California, teamed up with Oz Wroe and some of her favorite vendors […]

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Just don’t say we didn’t warn you


Warning: This next set of images you are about to view have literally been known to leap off computer screens, floating into the air above, before nose-diving and burying deep within the hearts of those who view them. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!! This eye-catching compilation, courtesy of Erin Samuell of A Simple […]

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You Look Dashing Today


What is it about the bow tie that makes a man appear so dapper, dashing and posh? Give him a standard necktie and he could simply be off to another day at the office. But put a bow tie on him and heads will turn. Eyes will widen and mouths will make that little “o” […]

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Let Them Be Boys


Doesn’t it seem like weddings are all too often centered solely on the bride? Not that giving the girls their own fairytale wedding is a bad thing, of course. But it’s the groom’s day, too, and his own touches should shine through on his wedding day. Heather MacEachern of HRM Photography put all her attention […]

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Cimema Spotlight – Mawwiage Films

Behind Mawwiage Films are two guys: we are Isaac Svensson and Morgan Lott. We met at Biola University where we both studied the art of making films. We filmed every day for eleven weeks in a row – we developed a skill set that allows us to approach filming a wedding in a fresh way. […]

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