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What I Love about SnapKnot

I was recently chatting with a friend of mine – who is getting married in about six months – who just found out her fiancé’s company is sending him overseas for the next 6 months. He’ll be back for a few weeks in time for the wedding and a little honeymoon, but she’ll pretty much […]

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True or False


True: I love a formal wedding. The tuxedo clad men and the long ball gowns on the ladies. Everything about it somehow transforms an otherwise average Saturday evening into a magical, regal affair. True: I love the drastic juxtaposition of a picture-perfect bride and dapper looking groom against the exposed brick and mortar interior and […]

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For all you love struck couples

This adorably sweet engagement shoot was captured by the one and only, Anna Jones out of Ottawa, Ontario. It happened to be quite overcast and the snow had completely blanketed the ground, the trees and everything else in site that day. So this creative couple, Matt + Alexandra, showed up at the Stonebridge Golf Course, […]

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A Wish is Made

When lucky coins are tossed into a rushing water fountain. When candles are blown out, eyes squeezed shut and fingers crossed. When a glance to the bedside table reveals a clock set on 11:11. A wish is made… And for Jen + Matt, that wish came true when – amongst the glittering, dangling lights and […]

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Pulling At My Heartstrings


They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. While I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of distance when it comes to relationships nor am I fond of the word fond to describe the way two people feel about each other, somehow, this next couple makes the whole thing sound utterly romantic. Bronwyn […]

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