I Got Goose Bumps

It’s such a strange phenomenon. I have no idea how it happens and I never see it coming – although I can almost always pinpoint the reason for it.  It has affected nearly every single one of us, but for a thousand different reasons. And the name… where exactly did that come from?

Goose Bumps.

Some people call them goose pimples or chill bumps but I don’t like that. It’s Goose Bumps for me. And it’s exactly what I felt when I started looking at this next set of images.  Each new photograph I scrolled to generated a reaction, which – as an artist – is your ultimate goal. And so to Nate and Jaclyn from The Image Is Found of Oceanside, California, here is a list of my many reactions in the exact order.

Grin. Laugh. Smile.
Smile again.
Big inhale. Stare.
Smile again.
Smile Big.
Goose Bumps. Pause.
Tear Up.
Big Goose Bumps. Wow.
Heart Skips.
Lip pout “ahh, how cute is that” face.
Laugh. Out Loud.
More Swooning…
More Smiling…
Giant Geese Bumps.


I can’t wait to hear what these images do to you all. Megan + Randy look like they had an unbelievable evening and wow do they look happy. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL images Nate and Jaclyn.

… and check out the amazing video by Mawwiage Films


I’m impressed! Cool post!

The bowling over of all the groomsmen made me laugh out loud:) Beautiful tender moments captured as well as the fun! Love it!

Check out the guys who did their wedding VIDEO!


They are amazing.

Ginny Cassels

All the special and fun moments were so perfectly captured in these photos. Love EVERY black and white image. Excellent, excellent wedding!!!!

This is fantastic – cutting edge – I love the grain – I love the animated gif :) – Nate and Jaclyn are amazing photographers!

Sherry V.

ADORE THIS!! What a FUN wedding – this is the way to do it! They’ll have great memories forever. Love the candid photos, they’re amazing. LOVE her boots!!!!


This shoot was recording life as it happened! So refreshing to see it from this perspective! Every pic told a story all on its own and the whole shot showed a wonderful love story! Love looking at your work!

Ryanne O.

Utterly fantastic!! Thanks for sharing this wedding!


Wow, great images!!!! I love ALL the photos! This couple and their wedding party sure looks like they know how to have a great time. Congratulations!!


Great work!! The guys toppling over is amazing!

A. Winnie Lo

Goose bumps FOR SURE!! Excellent wedding!

Angela Banica

This wedding is wonderful! Love the color palette of grays and pops of yellow, very refreshing. LOVE the photo of the guys falling over :)
How did you do that???


Amazing photojournalistic style! The moments were captured PERFECTLY. Love her funky boots!! One of my MANY favorites, is the shot at the beginning of all the girls in a group hug – in the reflection of the mirror – love it.


Okay, it has to be said. I look at this and I think Good Fellas. Seriously. Especially with the pool shot. Very old school Sicilian mob boss. I love it!

That said, I love the way these feature the kids as well. In the back room at my own wedding we had a HUGE set up with nothing but toys for the kids, since that was probably about 50% of our audience!

Beautiful pics. I do have to ask, how do you do the “in motion” one with the guys? (And what were they rating? Or don’t I want to know?)


I love these shots! You can see that everyone there had a complete blast! Very unique take on a wedding and reception! I love looking at the pics on this site. It gives me inspiration when planning my own event! Thanks! :-)

You’re completely right! WOW!

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