Love in a Blueberry Field

Some things are just meant to be. Like Zena + Brandon’s love for each other. It’s easy to see their unique style and laid-back Southern charm is mutual, making them appear absolutely perfect for one another. Oh, and their engagement shoot was clearly meant for The Blueberry Wedding Blog. Photographer Michelle Castle of Destin, Florida, spent four hours shooting the couple in fields, farms, vineyards, and the natural woodlands surrounding their North Florida home. Well, if they were looking for the perfect shot, they certainly got it. Or twenty! And some of those shots just happen to be in a dormant blueberry field with a shabby wooden blueberry sign. How perfect is that? I told you, they were meant to be.

Zena has fashion sense that most of us would die for. With the perfect smile to boot. And Michelle says Brandon was willing to do whatever would make Zena happy. Even if that meant a 4-hour engagement photo shoot. Of course, he was rewarded with several beers after the shoot. And plenty of amazing photos of he and his beautiful bride-to-be.

I’m totally smitten with the photos of Zena + Brandon in matching plaid shirts. And obsessed with the fact that the couple  can go from all-dressed up to super casual and continue looking just as fabulous. But if I were Zena, I’d never want to take off my feathered hat and patterned tights.

The couple is getting married in a plantation style wedding in April and I’m hoping we get to see those photos, too. Mostly so I can check out Zena’s wedding dress and Brandon’s suit. Can you blame me?

It’s absolutely clear to us that Zena + Brandon are two peas in a pod…. or two blueberries in a blueberry bush, as the case may be.

  • Candice Drummond

    Absolutely lovely and creative shoot…. LOVE the picture of the couple in the big tractor tires – how unique!!ReplyCancel

  • Kayla

    Her green outfit and especially her HAT is to die for!!!!!!!!! The photos are so fresh and exciting. Love it all.ReplyCancel

  • Marissa P.

    Wow, the photographer did a fantastic job of creating such spectacular images. Love the props, really love their clothing choices – the vintage outfits with the celery green theme are priceless!! thanks for sharing this!ReplyCancel

  • Dan

    I saw these posted on Facebook. Well Done!ReplyCancel

  • DKMarcum

    What a truely unique photo shoot! I love their outfits! They are such a darling couple. The girl looks so comfortable in front of the camera! I suspect the photographer has made her so at ease to get her to this comfort level! Great job! Keep them coming… I really enjoy this site!.ReplyCancel

  • Brandi

    Wow!! Once again I am amazed. :) This has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to read because of the sweet stories and fabulous photography you share. These photos of Zena and Brandon are fantastic! Beautiful settings and wonderful attention to detail (I WANT her tights!!) It’s so hard to choose a favorite among these, but I think if I had to choose one, it would be the one of the two of them kissing on the path…SO sweet!! Great work…and kudos to Brandon for being such a good sport. ;)ReplyCancel

  • Renee

    These are so charming! As always, I love the laid back feel to the shots and the “roaring 20s” atmosphere of the green dress and hat. Is this the couple’s usual style, or engineered for the shoot? I think, at heart, that might be the only thing I would disagree with here-if this was far from how they usually dressed, the shot loses something. If this was totally them, however…

    Well. Quite frankly, I’m charmed. And I’m pretty sure I said that already, but it bears repeating.

    The other thing I’m loving here is the constant incorporation of nature. You’re taking the couple and their natural affection for each other and putting them out into a very natural setting. It looks like we’re looking at 2 people in love and not 2 people whose in-laws threatened to blackmail them until they gave in on the shots.

    Agreed, can’t wait to see the wedding shots. Those are going to be here, right?ReplyCancel

  • MRein

    Oh my goodness! I don’t think I could choose one photo from this batch as a favorite. These are lovely; the photographer obviously has a very keen eye. The couple’s clothing and accessory choices were perfect as well. I really adore the photo of them on the blanket with his guitar. The lighting is beautiful, and their hats give a totally cool “old timey” feel. It makes me feel like I’m seeing a stolen moment, they seem so comfortable. I think my other favorite is the last photo. I love the way she is looking up at the camera. She seems so totally relaxed just being in the presence of her love. I like how the focus is on her, and her reactions while we see just a bit of him and the guitar.

    Thanks for such a wonderful share of photos. You are right, they are a great match for the site. I do hope we get to see wedding photos. I know that they will be just as awesome as these, the couple is just too cute.ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen Brown

    OMG – this is truly amazing. The vintage attire – I LOVE her hat and tights with the red buckled shoes – so well put together. Thanks so much for sharing this :)ReplyCancel

  • Bobby

    Wow. Such great talent – excellent work!ReplyCancel

  • Colleen

    These are super, super amazing!!! The vintage theme was carried out so perfectly. Love the photos with the big tires, especially with them sitting inside – how fun!

    All the best to the couple for their upcoming wedding – and hope we can see their wedding photos sometime in the future :)ReplyCancel

  • Carmen

    Simply beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Jenna

    These photos are amazing! Love how creative this shoot is!ReplyCancel

  • Gen

    Love every single photo! Great ideas, such a special engagement shoot. My favorite setting is the path surrounded by the trees with touches of crimson leaves. Lovely.ReplyCancel

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