Can I Just Make Her My Wife Already?

Do you ever feel like you know a couple just from looking at their wedding photos? As if they could practically be your best friends? That’s how I felt after viewing these pictures of Angela + Chris. So, I totally get how fabulous photographer David Coleman of Springfield, Missouri, felt such a connection with the pair. He photographed them like you would photograph friends you’ve known forever, catching their sweet expressions and subtle glances at each other. Yes, he photographed them like he was their best friend, who just happens to also be a really, really amazing photographer.

David Coleman gives us the opportunity to see the wedding from start to finish and my favorite photo is actually before the couple has even had their first look at each other. Chris is sitting on a bed in the hotel room and looking at his watch, like he’s thinking, “Alright, can I just make Angela my wife already?” It’s adorable and makes the rest of the photos in the series that much more touching. The couple gets to enjoy their “first look” behind closed doors, where Chris pulls out his guitar and plays Angela her favorite song. It’s a private moment and one that David Coleman photographs without making us feel at all like we’re intruding.

The bride, a classically trained ballerina, is simple but stunning in her ballerina-like dress made from lace and crepe. And the black and white wedding theme gives their wedding space at the Airport Hilton in St. Louis, a timeless and classic look. Timeless and classic just like Chris + Angela’s love.

The wedding reception looks far more fun than most, with a traditional Italian cookie dance and a game involving toilet paper. Yes, Angela + Chris played a game in which they had to remove toilet paper from a roll as fast as they could in the middle of the dance floor. Whoever finished first was said to be “in charge” of the marriage. Chris finished first, but everyone was laughing because it’s Angela who makes the calls in the relationship.

But even if Angela runs the show, it’s pretty clear that this marriage is made up of team work, friendship, and love. And we’re so happy we were given the chance to peek at their special day.

Gorgeous wedding! Well done!


The black and white images are amazing!!! The vintage processing gives the photos a timeless appeal. Very creative. The purple shoes add the perfect punch of color!!

Absolutely lovely. I love the feel of these photos. Great focus and contrast. Adorable.


These are amazing. Unique angles, nice candid shots – well done!!

Gloria Lopez

These are incredible!! The love between this sweet young couple was so perfectly captured. I too love the image of the groom and his groomsmen in the hotel room – that photo speaks volumes! Another favorite is the shot of the bride dancing with her father, looks like it was snatched right out of an old photo album – LOVE IT!


Wow, incredible photos!!! Love the feel of this wedding! This couple is so sweet :) and the toilet paper game is hilarious, never seen that before!

Rebecca Nelson

Love everything, excellent photos!! The bride’s dress is so divine and very unique, love her earrings too – her look has a timeless elegance. Love the photo of the couple leaning against the door – cool angle.

Beautiful writeup Shelley!


These are so beautiful! The vintage processing really seems to suit this couple. I agree with you, the photo of him looking at his watch really adds to the feel of the rest of the set. I also really like the photo of him standing against the wall looking off to the side. You can almost feel the anticipation!


What great shots! I really did feel like I was looking through pictures of a family friend. The emotions and attitude that were captured made me feel like I knew exactly how they both felt. It made me remember to have fun. And that’s just how I want my wedding to feel. I LOVE that they incorporated games and laughter, and the photo booth style shots were great! I’ll be stealing some of these ideas for sure!

How Romantically Perfect!

The Blueberry Wedding Blog was designed with you, the bride, in mind. We strive to provide you with fresh, beautiful, original ideas for your wedding, brought to you courtesy of the most talented photographers in the world. Each new wedding posted on The Blueberry Wedding Blog is a source of inspiration and a guide for you as you plan your wedding day.

And today we have something extraordinarily special for you. The bride in today’s featured wedding is a Wedding Coordinator herself, from Vancouver, Canada. I wonder how many times she’s been asked the question “How would you do it for your wedding?”  Well today ladies, we find out!

Daniel Ha of D’Soleil Photography sent us this next wedding and what a gorgeous collection of wedding images it is! Daniel has a marvelous way of positioning and framing his subjects, turning every image into unique wall-worthy portraits. And I love the various expressions he captured throughout Stephanie + Jan’s wedding day.

Stephanie + Jan chose the exquisite Cecil Green Park House at UBC in Vancouver for their wedding ceremony & reception venue.  It was a Friday evening wedding, and wanting to give their guests a more relaxed atmosphere to ease into their weekend, the couple chose an open seating layout where guests could mingle and talk freely.

So much of this wedding was made extra special with the unique personal touches added to it. The custom, monogrammed chocolate bars. The gorgeous 6 tiered wedding cake, with alternating designs on each layer, hand made and intricately designed by Stephanie’s sister Tarin. And let’s not forget the custom groom’s cake designed by his parents, with dozens of ornaments adorning the sides, each representing an aspect of Jan’s childhood.

My favorite part though, is the first look. Stephanie + Jan chose to have their first look, prior to the ceremony, along a pathway of trees just outside the Burnaby Public Library – where the couple first met years ago. What a romantically perfect way to start this new adventure together.

I love it. And I’m sure you will too.

absolutely amazing!!!
one of the best wedding stories I’ve ever seen!!!
great pictures!!!

Sara N.

Wow, how lovely! The details are amazing – the venue is absolutely incredible, LOVE the photo with the stream of sunlight beaming through the ceremony – beautiful!!!


Hi Shelley, thank you so much for featuring our wedding! Going through the post is like getting to re-live the day! We had the most amazing time and Jan and I are so grateful to Daniel from d’soleil for capturing it so perfectly. Good luck to all the brides to be out there, and thanks again!

Thanks Shelley, this is awesome, you are AWESOME!!

Barb Kwan

Gorgeous. The bride is obviously excellent at what she does… look how perfect her wedding turned out!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing!

Ann LeBlanc

Love this – the photos are incredible! A simply beautiful, elegant wedding, all the details are wonderful + the cake is AMAZING!!!


Stellar photography! Love the outdoor ceremony set-up, the venue is absolutely perfect. The cake – wow!!!!!! You can see this wedding is so special and intimate through every single photo. LOVE IT!


The Bride is gorgeous and her dress…. utterly beautiful on her – wow! and I LOVE the bottom of her gown especially. The color for her bridesmaids dresses are gorrrrgeous, and love how the musician opted to wear that same great shade of purple too!!!!!! What a great wedding.


This is an absolutely gorgeous wedding. Bride’s gown is very stunning. The photographer did a fabulous job on the pictures. Very elegant wedding!


What an inspired wedding! My sister is getting married in the fall, and has asked me to help plan the event. I’m always looking for new, unique idea, and I will definitely be sending her to your site! I love being an “uninvited guest” at a wedding planner’s wedding. What a great way to get new ideas. I can’t wait to start planning her perfect, dream wedding with her!!!

Great use of lines and shapes. Love the journalistic attitude of these photos. Great colours! Great focus! AND adorable.

Gorgeous wedding! I love the powder blue and gold color pallet.

The First Look Says it All

The first look. There’s often nothing more telling than how the bride and groom react to each other during that first look on their wedding day. For Heather + Dshamal, their first reveal says it all. Just like the handmade wood sign says: True love. Doesn’t every girl dream of having a husband who looks at her the way Dshamal is looking at Heather?

The very talented Renee McCardell of Greensboro, North Carolina, was lucky enough to shoot this wedding in Bassett, Virginia. Heather + Dshamal worked hard to make this wedding theirs, putting their own touches on everything from hay pews with patchwork quilts to the wooden signs made from old fence slats. Not to mention the fact that Heather came down the aisle in the 1980 powder blue Chevy she drove in high school. Yes, the wedding was most definitely theirs.

Since the wedding took place on Heather’s family farm, everything about it must have felt like home to the couple. But you could almost put Heather + Dshamal in the middle of nowhere and get the same feeling from these photos. You can tell just by the way they look at each other that they are home to each other. And it’s not just Heather + Dshamal either. It’s the way Heather’s grandmother is looking at her as she presents her with a locket containing her parents’ wedding photo. Even more emotional due to the fact that Heather’s mom passed away. And it’s the way Heather’s stepmother is looking at her with so much emotion when she first sees her in her gown. And it’s most certainly about the way Heather surprised Dshamal by reciting her vows in German, his first language.

Heather + Dshamal remind us that the little unique touches can add infinitely to a wedding. But what really counts are the looks shared between the couple. The glances the camera catches that show, without a doubt, how happy they are to be husband and wife. And all the wedding planning in the world can’t get you that.


I believe everyone will love your wedding ideas. Your wedding inspires me and it can help in preparing my own ceremony. Thanks for your beautiful and great wedding.

Chris Neubert

Beautiful wedding and pictures. A perfect start for a wonderful life together.

the bride

Renee was the best! We contemplated even hiring a professional photographer. I am so glad we did!!

We pulled this off in less than 6 weeks and I wouldn’t have changed a thing if I had planned for 2 years. Everyone really pitched in to make the wedding special. My best friend collected greenery from the field and did all of the flowers. She also sang and is the mother of that cutie taking off down the hill. A talented friend made my dress. My cousin cooked a hog for the reception. My grandmother made my wedding cake and the favors were harvested by my Papa’s bee colony. All of my friends and family pitched in the day before to decorate. I am still humbled when I look at the pictures. I am so blessed.

I love the rustic farm look of this. Pick up truck? That is priceless! The photo of the little child running away is adorable as well. Great candids!

Jenni S

What a beautiful wedding! And it really took me back. My husband and I were married at my family’s farm, and had an equally unique wedding. It’s so much more gratifying to have the wedding you want, rather than the cookie-cutter ceremony and reception you are “supposed” to have. Our first dance was to the light of sparklers. Our best man did a toast by megaphone. Everything was perfect. And that is the feeling I get with these pictures. Everything was just how it was meant to be. Love it!


I love the idea of a wedding in the country. I love even more it being on the family farm. The blue pickup was just the right touch. The flowers and dress were gorgeous. My idea of the perfect wedding. I wonder if I can convince my husband to marry me again?


What an incredible job capturing this special day! I love the lighting on all the shots, especially the “vintage” cast of an orange-hued daylight on some of them. I think the best part of these though are the genuine details that really “tell” the story of this couple’s love and admiration for each other….the groom wiping away a tear during the vows, the laughing while holding the “American Gothic” pose, the sheer joy as she jumps into his arms for THE kiss!! The little girl tripping away in the background during the vows especially tickles my heart….seems a fitting story…little girl to the bride to a family?? maybe ;)


OMG love this!! What beautiful photos.
Love all the vintage accents and details, the Chevy fits into the whole theme perfectly… so truly down to earth. The bride’s dress is gorgeous too.

These are great. I particularly like the one on front of the old barn with the shadow cast. Great stuff!

Transported to the Heart of Spain

Some say flowers make a wedding. And in this case, I agree. Of course, you could also argue that a churros bar makes a wedding and in this case, I couldn’t argue with you on that either.

Photographer Christine Bentley of Orange County, California, teamed up with Oz Wroe and some of her favorite vendors to create an inspiration shoot that spotlights a wedding reception unlike any you’ve seen before. It’s likely the combination of the stunning bride and groom with the beautiful flowers that make you feel like you’ve traveled to a far off world. Which is exactly what you should feel like on your special day. The bride’s bouquet is filled voluptuously with pale pink flowers, while many of the other flowers in the scene are stunning bursts of reds and deep roses. The fresh limes scattered about offset the flowers in the most perfect, unexpected way.

Of course, the churros bar gives the wedding a unique aspect that is likely incredibly unique to the couple. And while the churros table is amazing, it’s the signage hanging around that gives the event a whimsical, light feeling. It’s impossible to look at these photos and not get a million ideas for your own future wedding.

I feel like I just spent some time deep in the romantic heart of Spain, without ever having left home. If only all weddings could transport me like this one did.

Wedding Coordinator & Designers: Constance Curtis & Candace Amoia from Constance Curtis Events
Flowers: Aly Morford from The Vine’s Leaf
Make-up: Ashley Victoria Birkeland
Signage (menu, mi amor sign, bride and groom signs): Heidi Jimenez from Zenadia Design


WOW, what a gorgeous shoot! LOVE it all!

What beautiful, romantic images! Love them all!

Ellen Hopkins

The flowers are all so gorgeous. Love, love, love the groom’s boutineer. I’ve never seen anything like it… so unique!


Incredible photography. Wow! So many great ideas!

If this was a real wedding these clients would be so happy with their wedding. I love the pinks and colourful plates.

Jamie R

Beautiful wedding pictures! The brides gown is very simple and unique. Love the flower arrangments. The idea of the fresh cut limes,is very neat idea. Thanks for sharing!

Alyssa Walker

Love this. So many great inspirational ideas for the bride to be! Stunning, absolutely stunning!!!!


First of all the bride is gorgeous!! The photographer was able to catch every aspect of their unique wedding in beautiful photos for them to look back on! Congratulations to the couple!! Incredible job on the photos!


Wow. These are breathtaking. Everything is so beautiful…. perfection!

Every Girl’s Dream

When little girls dream of their wedding day, it’s always with visions of white poufy gowns, a bouquet of daisies and a crown of flowers atop their pillow case veil. When big girls dream of their wedding day, it’s actually this next wedding we get to share with you.

No seriously. THIS, is what a girl wants!

First and foremost, Lan, is simply stunning. What I wouldn’t give to look as amazing as she does in both of these show-stopping gowns. I absolutely adore the image their photographer Hung C. Tran captured of her gazing up at both dresses, each one stunning and spectacular – each one worthy of their own special moment in the sun.

Secondly, the photography. Wow! Hung C. Tran from San Diego, CA has an eye for lighting and detail like I have an eye for shoes and sweets. Each one of these images are impressive pieces of fine art, pure and simple. The bold, vibrant, lighting in some of these images are so striking, I’ve honestly gone back to look at them again and again. His precision at capturing Lan’s soft, delicate features and the graceful ease at which the couple is just ever so slightly posed – simple elegance.

Lastly, Derek and his groomsmen. Oh, those lovely groomsmen. This is a group I want to party with. They look like they had an absolute blast, and seriously, how could they not? This wedding is what every woman dreams of.

This is why little girls dream.

Thanks, Amy, for capturing my beautiful sister and her wonderful husband on their wedding day. The photos are so beautiful – thank you for working so hard with your gift! I can’t believe the running one even turned out!

Lovely pictures and a wonderful light and color processing, congratulations.


Perfect, wonderfull. Love pictures. I like the blue shoes and her bridesmaids dressed in blue

Kimberley Ferguson

Simply exquisite! Love the head and shoulders black & white of Lan, just gorgeous!!!!

Andrea L.

WOW. Love the image of the bride and groom at night in front of their venue – with the red and green lights – beautiful!


Wow! Love this!!!

Chloe Diaz

Stunning! Breathtaking photos. Such a gorgeous bride, so chic. Her wedding dress is lovely… and her evening dress is out of this world!!!! I imagine that she wore those spectacular gold heels with her party dress! Love it.


Impeccable. Absolutely wonderful photography! The bride is beyond lovely!!

Carolyn Lee

LOVE THESE! My favs are the guys sitting around having a few drinks before the wedding, and the photo of the bride and her girls in between the red buses!


How beautiful! These pictures are stunning. What a beautiful, classy wedding! The colors are so vibrant they really take my breath away!


WOW! This bride was definitely the star of this show! She is gorgeous! I love the bright blue shoes and dresses too!! Great shot through the street cars! I love the photographer’s unique perspective that she always pours into her shoots! Can’t wait to see more! :-)


This is absolutely beautiful, the bride is stunning!


Beautiful!I’m from San Diego and just looking at the Trolley made me miss home lol.