The best wedding photographers on Google+

Google’s new social networking site Google+ has exploded recently and now that it is becoming quickly mainstream, many have their circles of wedding photographers to follow. This is my list of top wedding photographers on Google Plus:

  1. +Matt Adcock
  2. +Mike Olbinski
  3. +Mark Stagi
  4. +Christopher Jay
  5. +Jasmine Star
  6. +Scott Jarvie
  7. +Mário Caldeira
  8. +Ryan Brenizer
  9. +Lili Ana
  10. +Neal Urban
  11. +Lauren D Rogers
  12. +Ann Klein
  13. +Abigail Harenberg
  14. +David Terry
  15. +Chris Scott
  16. +James Thompson
  17. +Tony Juays
  18. +Domingo Gómez Algaba
  19. +Ben Godkin
  20. +Nuno Ferreira
  21. +Cathy Dietz
  22. +Mark Kumar
  23. +Jay Hoque
  24. +Elle Atkins
  25. +Pradeep Sanyal
  26. +Tim Hussey
  27. +Ben Chrisman
  28. +Elizabeth McConchie
  29. +Wes Brown
  30. +Christina Bentheim
  31. +David Shimabukuro
  32. +Minnow Park
  33. +Mohamed Muha
  34. +Efrén Ramírez
  35. +Alex Lim
  36. +Emily Law
  37. +Kathy Smith
  38. +Fer Juaristi
  39. +Bruce Clarke
  40. +Ben Sassani
  41. +Joe Pulcinella
  42. +Daniel Aguilar
  43. +David Josue Delgado
  44. +Rafa Ibañez
  45. +James Moro

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Thank you. It is very interesting.

Felicidades a los wedrockers!! al completo!!!

Thank yous o much for your mention in your list Shelley!! It’s such an honor!!


Hi Danny

There two ways to make the list.
If someone refers a wedding photographer to me on G+
or anyone can fill out this form.

The photographers that I list all have INSPIRING wedding related photography posted on their Google + page

How can I go about getting added on this list? The shortcut to my profile is

Thanks for including me on this list. I am honored!

Exactly my thoughts, Daniel! :-)

Thanks so much for including me on your list!

I hope one day to be included in this list. watch this space!!

haha I was wondering where all these people were finding my google+ account, thanks for the shout out!

+daniel sprague

Thanks for the kostlig, awesome and again the blog is awesome, one of the very best to go to for great inspiration!

Sharon Webb

All the best, this is a fantastic blog.


Wow, this is great! very exciting :)


thanks for sharing, really nice post!

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