What I Love about SnapKnot

I was recently chatting with a friend of mine – who is getting married in about six months – who just found out her fiancé’s company is sending him overseas for the next 6 months. He’ll be back for a few weeks in time for the wedding and a little honeymoon, but she’ll pretty much be on her own in terms of planning the wedding from here on out. For many brides, this would be sure-fire panic time.

But this is what she said to me, “I have our venue and food selections made. We’ve met with and selected all of our vendors including the photographer, the florist, the band and our bakery. We know what everyone is wearing, where we need to be and at what time. I just don’t see why some people get so stressed out and go all bridezilla about their wedding day. It doesn’t seem to be that difficult.”

The truth, and I told her this, is that it only becomes stressful, if you let it. The most troubling aspect of planning a wedding is trying to narrow down your options in order to make some of the necessary decisions. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was in one place? One simple place where you could just click and be done? At The Blueberry Wedding Blog, we strive to provide all of you lovely ladies with ideas to inspire beauty in your own wedding. But we also want to make the process an easy one, which is why I absolutely must share with you this fabulous new website for those of you looking to find and book a wedding photographer.

The website is www.SnapKnot.com and the beauty of SnapKnot is its complete and utter ease of use. Instead of going to Google – or whatever search engine you use – and typing in “Wedding Photographer,” wouldn’t you rather go to one site where you can find it all? At SnapKnot, all you need to do is type in your wedding location, adjust your budget range and the page is instantly updated with a slew of options for a potential wedding photographer. SnapKnot was launched in February of 2010 and already boasts over 2,500 photographers from all over the world.

Photo by Don Le of Bliss Imagery and also a SnapKnot member

What I Love about SnapKnot:

  • The images are big so you don’t have to squint to see them
  • Each listed photographer has a gallery of images you can click through for even more beautiful images – without – leaving – the page. LOVE THAT!
  • Create your own SnapKnot folder with all your saved favorites. You can come back to compare them all later.
  • When a photographer’s image grabs you, click on it to read more about the photographer on their profile. You can see their professional affiliations, their experience and any awards they may have won.
  • From their profile, you can connect to their website, blog, email them directly or even chat live via Skype.

This site is a real gem when it comes time to find and select a wedding photographer, minus the stress, minus the meltdowns. And a little tip: if you find the photographer listed on both SnapKnot.com AND on The Blueberry Wedding Blog, you’ve got yourself a winner. Take a minute to visit SnapKnot.com today, because honestly, a minute is all you’ll need before that big sigh of relief is exhaled. Enjoy!

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